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Commercial Truck Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Running a business, being an employer of labor, and with an operational fleet of vehicles for commercial purposes; you are best served reducing liability, keeping your drivers secure, and actively keeping your business protected on all fronts; from the actions of others, and those of your drivers. As an enterprise, your vehicle insurance needs are fundamentally different from what is offered with personal vehicle insurance plans. Getting in touch with one of our involved insurance agents, you can work out an insurance scheme that keeps your commercial fleet of vehicles fully protected and secure.

Auto Insurance

On the road, there are a number of factors to consider, the majority of which are out of your control and as a business, and employer of labor, you have a duty to provide legal and financial protection for yourself and your commercial truck drivers. The dangers of the road, not restricted to road rage, drunk drivers, bad roads, and bad drivers, leave you exposed to a range of liability if your business is left uninsured and without commercial truck insurance coverage, truck insurance and motor truck cargo insurance amongst others. Whether you are at the wheels or employ drivers to man your fleets, you need a flexible, customized plan to keep you legally and financially protected.

Who Requires Commercial Vehicle Insurance in New York?

You'll need a customized commercial auto insurance if:

Personal or Commercial Auto Insurance?

The simple act of attaching a plow to your truck and clearing snow off your street for cash necessitates an upgrade in your insurance policy. Personal auto insurance policies do not have the flexibility and the blanket coverage needed to reduce the risk and liability operating a commercial vehicle (truck, limousine, taxi) incurs. For commercial vehicle operators, a higher policy rate is required, and speaking to one of our experienced agents will help you customize a plan that suits you.

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